Hi, xxxx,


The empowr engineers have been reviewing the AMCO cashouts that the system is about to distribute, and the summary is that the per-person cash out amounts are not going to satisfy many of us.

As solution, we are working on the new way of distribute AMCO by give more power to citizens to able take control of many aspects of the community, including AMCO cash outs.


Starting next week, empowr citizens will uniquely be able to create countries without physical borders, and AMCO cash outs will only happen at a local country level with decisions coming from your elected officials, using rules and approaches that you create with them.
And the performance of each country will depend on those country Mission Point (what we called before stock options). The sooner we form our local countries and conduct our elections, the sooner we will be up and running again with AMCOs.

And for the people that will still be in pre-countries – meaning they’re waiting to become official “countries”, a new lottery system is being designed to distribute AMCO cash outs to those citizen.
This lottery approach also will be applied for citizens who is not in countries, as well as those citizens of countries that choose to utilize this new distribution approach.


empowr is rushing to launch this feature this week with objectives of continuing to provide AMCO cash outs while also increasing the average size of those cash outs during this peaceful transition of power.


For more detail, please read here: http://posts.empowr.com/xv9w8


Now, it’s time to think which country you want to created and or be part of and how to develop your future country.
Let me know if you have more questions.