I understand that you want to cash out, however please don’t confuse that your balance is the fund for cash out and your balance is the total amount including Ad credit utilized, it also is not all your profit.

We are here to earn, spend and cash out a profit, so if you have the profit you can cash out any time you meet the condition of cash out options.

There are 3 types of cash Out.
– Accelerated Matured Cash Out (AMCO)
– Regular Matured Cash out (RMCO)
– Early Cash Out (ECO)

At present, the easiest way is cashing out monthly by an Accelerated Matured Cash Out. You will have AMCO if:

– You have profit
– Your Earning must be on
– Your PU level must be at the highest Level you have ever achieved.
– All of Your Daily Goals must be completed as often as possible, and/or have as many successful sales as possible by selling, sponsoring or/and promoting.
– When you invite friends using profile url or importing address book contacts with invitation link. Every time when they get a cash out, so do you – up to 100% of their cash out. More details here http://posts.empowr.com/6l9k8

As you know, we are here not only to earn money, but we are here also to build the empowr economy. So, one of your overall goals should be to contribute as much as you can to the empowr community. You can do this in 2 primary ways: hitting your Daily Goal and contributing to the empowr economy. You can contribute by successfully listing and selling products, including sponsoring and promoting. Those who contribute the most will ultimately be the most heavily rewarded.

You still have not fund for cash out because you still have not hit any times of daily goals and you also have not completed any sale transactions. Let’s see http://prntscr.com/eyh6ic

Would you like will I show you how to hit your daily goals?