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To optimize your account, you can select Platinum,Gold or Silver Earning Option here:


Pay Later Options. We have:

1. The Bronze option- Earn slowest and pay nothing until you cash out.

2. The Silver option- Earn slow and pay $9.99 per month and have your account optimized.

3. The Gold option- Earn Medium and pay $19.99 monthly. Have your account Optimized for

earning and pay your fees later when you are at the Red Star Power User Level or above.

4. The Platinum option- Earn fast , pay now option, and it's the best option recommended for all

users where you can choose it as long as you have paid your Ad Platform fees and you have

your account optimized for earning.

Please select one, then click to "Start" and follow instruction. Once your account is optimized on

the Network Gauges page – http://www.empowr.com/FanFeed/NetworkGauges.aspx – ==> it will

look like this – http://prntscr.com/9wf7t5

Do you know what is AMCO? Do you want to learn more about it?

Let me know if you need help, OR having questions.